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Business Strategy

We provide specialty advisory services and solutions to complex business problems and board-level agenda items. Our services are comprised of an unprecedented assemblage of capabilities and an experienced team with the deep industry knowledge and specialization to serve as a trusted partner at any stage of a company's business life cycle.

Corporate strategy is essentially the playbook of a company. It not only defines the strategic goals, it outlines the way in which an organization achieves those goals. Each corporate strategy will contain key components that can be referred to at each phase: what is our vision, what are our objectives, what do we need to invest in to make this happen, what areas need to be prioritized above others. A well thought out plan will guide an organization through its integral phases of growth and give it the tools to measure success.

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Growth. Focuses on business expansion, profitability, and market penetration.

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Stability. Maintaining business operations, and operational flow enhancements.


Revitalization. corporate strategic planning to Rebrand, Revive, or Exit.

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Growth strategies include several approaches from cost leadership and product differentiation to horizontal or vertical integration. The approach a business takes should be governed by detailed corporate strategic planning.

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Stability strategy, organizations are simply maintaining the status quo. The company will continue to follow the same path with no plans to diversify or grow the business. Rather, they are focused on building the organization at a steady pace. This is a useful strategy to employ following a period of expansion when a company can assess the business and determine a way forward or future strategy.

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When an organization is facing challenging circumstances part of the corporate strategic planning will involve retrenchment or turnaround. These approaches could include selling part of the business or spinning it off, and in cases where the very future of the company is at risk, creating a leaner business through lay-offs and other dramatic cost-cutting exercises. The goal of this strategy is to get the organization back in shape and ready to proceed to either a stability or growth phase.

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LCG works with companies to improve their profitability, cash flow and enterprise value. Our team is committed to active, hands-on involvement in all phases of analysis, planning, implementation, operational turnaround, project management and investment. Our goal is to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions that help clients excel in today's competitive business environment while meeting short and long-term needs.

In an era of industry disruption, strategy is more important than ever

We will provide for a free 1-hour consultation with our Executive Team to assess your company, after the consultation we will give you a Free Business Strategy Summary Report.

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Creative Service Solutions

LCG’s Strategic Business Planning and Corporate Services are custom tailored to each individual organization. Each client is unique and requires different levels of engagement. When you receive your Business Strategy Summary Report you will be provided with a quote and a list of suggested service offerings. 

Standard Corporate Development Services can range from $10k-$25k a month plus equity.

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Investment capital through work product

On occasion, LCG will work solely for equity in a corporation or contribute initial capital investment this is done through assessment of strategic partnership and alliance in the corporate vision. 

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Direct "Interim Hire" positions

Our seasoned professionals have held CEO, CFO, COO, CSO, and Board positions for our clients. If you are looking for interim staff to facilitate reorganization or corporate establishment in the public markets we are happy to explore these options as well.

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