Getting to Wall street

Why go public?

The main reason companies typically go public is to raise capital or gain increased public exposure. If a business is successful, it may command a high price for its shares, which can be a significant upside for founders, partners, shareholders, and investors.

Risk diversification and talent acquisition are another reason companies may elect the route of going public. Going public can also solidify a future exit-strategy for business owners who have put in the work to build a profitable company and are ready to cash out, or take a less active role in the business.

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Raising Capital

Once a company is public, it is easier to raise money without the necessity to borrow, because you’ll be able to offer secondary stock offerings to the public or it can provide other avenues of convertible debt instruments, PIPE, or SPA.

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Another potential advantage to being public is strategic acquisitions. You may have the ability to use your stock to acquire another company, competitor, or sales organization. This may allow for the quick expansion and diversification of your business.

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Final reason may simply be the publicity or prestige which will allow for targeted talent acquisitions at much higher levels than being private.

Should your
company be public?

There are several considerations that need to be made when assessing your desire to be public versus the business objectives.

LCG will work with you to help make that determination and provide guidance through business expertise on some of the requirements to being public. Some of the general overviews for assessment are:

How many years have you been Operational?

Have you sustained revenue and are your financials prepared to be audited?

Do you have financial statements supporting P&L, Business Projections, Valuation?

How many shareholders does the company have?

Are you a strong competitor in your market space with the potential for future earnings?

Is your story “attractive” do you have a compelling business model or new and innovative technology that the public responds to?

Go public with LCG

LCG has been taking companies public and working with the public markets for over a decade.

Taking a company public is a very complex process with several hidden variables, The route to go public, the financing, and network of people involved takes years of experience to engineer. We know what it takes and can provide strategic guidance behind getting you there and helping to maintain your organization once you are public.

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Getting  Started with LCG

LCG’s Strategic Business Planning and Corporate Services are custom tailored to each individual organization. Each client is unique and requires different levels of engagement. When you receive your Business Strategy Summary Report you will be provided with a quote and a list of suggested service offerings.

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Free Consultation

We will provide for a free 1-hour consultation with our Executive Team to assess your company, after the consultation we will give you a Free Business Strategy Summary Report.

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Service Engagement

Standard Corporate Development Services can range from $10k-$25k a month plus equity.

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