Vanessa Luna

CEO / Entrepreneur

Vanessa Luna

The Founder of LCG, Ms. Vanessa Luna is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in business development, operations, and organizational growth initiatives. Her work is a culmination of years of experience tackling the challenges of effective business strategy to reflect the envisioned future of an organization through multiple business phases from startup to exit.

Working with dozens of public and privately held companies she founded the boutique firm to work in identifying, validating, and prioritizing value-creation opportunities with the result of achieving across-the-board advancement in business growth. Enhancing business agility, innovation, sustainability, and increased performance alongside company culture enable LCG to seamlessly integrate our business consulting efforts and industry practices to help companies reach their highest potential.


In her over 20 years of professional experience, Ms. Luna has held multiple C-Suite, Director and management-related positions where her experience and keen business acumen have been crucial in driving significant growth and profitability as well as the development and launch of initiatives focused on maximizing internal processes and procedures to create a more productive work environment. This experience includes executive and management roles at OTC, NASDAQ, Fortune 500, American Red Cross, and some of the nation’s leading service organizations in the private sector including legal, prepaid card, financial, construction, technology, real estate, high-risk and other service industries. Ms. Luna also sits on various Advisory Committee Boards, and as an acting Chairman of the Board and has been an activist in humanitarian work for her local community.

Ms. Luna has played an integral part in the completion of multiple capital raises, debentures, IPO’s, reverse mergers, M&A, and exit strategy opportunities. She attributes much of her success to the recognition of new innovations and swift adaptability to successful changing business models. She sees the big picture and focuses on organizational infrastructure, team building, and efficient processes which result in maximum success efforts for every company she has contributed to.

Her prior and ongoing experience remain as an acting CEO to Luna Consultant Group, (“LCG”) a private corporate strategy, communications (IR/PR) and business development firm which she co-founded in January 2015 where she worked to drive profitability and bring awareness to small-to-mid-cap companies across a diverse range of professional sectors representing both Public and Private clientele. Ms. Luna has been taking companies public, revamping organizations, bringing companies to profitability, and launching products and services for over two decades.

“LCG is my passion, our network of business development experts and team of investor and public relationship representatives are “the best kept secret to success”

My team and the culture we emulate is the pillar of our ongoing successes. We go into projects and companies as a consultant group, and we come out as part of the team, a member of the company’s family. We become a part of their history as they evolve, we leave our footprint in their steppingstones to growth. We provide very niche expertise, and the objective is always the same… sustainable and inclusive growth. We have tailored our services to support organizational tactical improvements through large scale transformation efforts evolving customer expectations and providing companies with experience leaders they can trust. LCG will serve as a key member of your team taking a pragmatic approach to your individual strategy development.

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