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Investor Relations

Welcome to the art of organic growth

We understand that many small-cap companies lack the investment community visibility necessary to attract new investors or analysts. But that does not mean they are forever relegated to fly under the radar – because many quality investors do specifically seek out small-caps as part of their portfolio strategy.

Focusing your outreach on the right investors

LCG Communications Division focuses on the utilization of an organic approach in helping small-cap companies (under 1B) develop the most compelling and consistent messages to be shared across the full range of stakeholders.

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Investor Relations

We work to ensure that management’s vision and expectations are communicated in a way that maximizes public awareness and shareholder value. Our expertise is showcased through strategic interaction with the relevant capital market participants utilizing our understanding of investor perceptions. Our Investor and Public Relations team works to assist companies with small to mid-size market caps reach the highest valuation by leveraging traditional and new communications strategies. 

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Our Approach

Our approach to IR is entirely organic, meaning our levels of investor engagement happen through effective communication, there are no deceptive awareness tactics utilized to build and strengthen your investor base. We focus on helping build a true sustainable following on Main Street and Wall Street by reaching out both to thought leaders to cultivate relationships over the long term and to investors that we think could move to engagement more quickly.

LCG Investor Features


Investor Base

Rolodex of more than 5,000 accredited and over 10,000 Independent Investors


Private Equity Firms

Providing resources through investment management companies



LCG has a network of regulated broker, broker-dealer, or registered investment advisers


Angel Investors

Access to a number of individuals who provide capital for businesses.



Registered investment advisors and Certified financial planners


Financial Institutions

Examples include: hedge funds, investment bankers and market makers

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