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Investor Relations combines communications, marketing, analysis and the effective delivery of information while managing the flow of messaging between your company and its investors/stakeholders. Maintaining transparent relationships with investors is paramount to your business success. LCG has crafted unique messaging techniques through our staff’s first hand knowledge of your organization’s initiatives and the ability to successfully relay the intended messaging to the public.

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Investor Outreach

When communicating your story to investors, it’s important to identify how you are being perceived and who you want to communicate with. Investor engagement improves significantly when you are able to create a clear understanding of your company’s value proposition. LCG uses internal data and other analytical tools to formulate an easy-to-understand value proposition and investment thesis that explains who you are to your investor targets – are you a small-cap, mid-cap, outperforming the market, growing quickly etc. Even though your investor target groups may be different and be interested in different aspects of your company, your overall positioning should remain consistent.

Reverse Merger

Forward and reverse triangular mergers provide an interesting twist on mergers. Both have come under the spotlight recently, due in no small part to the explosive growth of SPACs, most of which use the reverse triangular merger form of transaction.

PPM & Initial Raise

Securing private investment successfully involves many factors and a critical factor is investor confidence. Potential investors must have confidence that the company’s management team is comprised of sophisticated professionals that will manage the company effectively. One of the key metrics they will use to judge your sophistication level is the quality of your investment presentation and offering documents as those documents are the primary source of information for potential investors. LCG can assist with the drafting and presentation.

Market Analysis

Understanding your customers is the key to success for any startup. If you don’t have a deep understanding of who your customers are, you’ll have trouble developing products that truly fit their needs, and you’ll struggle to develop a successful marketing strategy.

Understanding the volume and value of the market, potential customer segments and their buying patterns, the position of your competition, and the overall economic environment, including barriers to entry, and industry regulations will help you forge a financial roadmap.
  • Website development, Logo Design, slogan, branding, social media development

  • Business Plan

  • Business Financial Forecast

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Strategic planning (1 year outlook)

  • Product Launch Plan

  • Staff recruitment

  • Creation of contracts and other business-related agreements and policies

  • Potential Financing Introductions


Solutions for Startup

We recognize that every start-up and new business has a different set of needs when it comes to business development.

With this in mind, we tailor each service package for our clients to meet those specific needs so that you only end up paying for the services you actually need. 

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Branding & Marketing

Does a brand without an identity even exist?

So much of a company's success hinges on their ability to develop and convey an effective identity that directly connects with their target audience. Everything from having the right logo design, website, messaging, and social media to distributing the most effective press and media engagement plays a very important role in the public image you create for your company and who's attention you're going to attract. 

Whatever products or services you offer, we'll develop and showcase the most compelling story around it so that it gets the attention it deserves from the consumer base it needs. 

Let's create your company's identity! 

Established Organizations

We can help you go where you want to grow!

Any seasoned business owner will tell you that the challenge of owning a business doesn't end after it is launched. In fact, some of the biggest challenges owners face come post-launch. From missed revenue targets, to stale marketing campaigns, our team of experienced business leaders will perform a full assessment of your current business structure in order to identify the areas in most need of improvement and will work in a collaborative effort to develop a plan that will help you get the most out of your business.  

Our assessment and subsequent plan will cover the following areas:

  • Business Growth and Expansion Assessment

  • Business Valuation and Exit Strategy

  • Executive Development, Staffing and Recruitment

  • Financial Management, Profitability Improvement

  • Sales and Marketing Planning, Strategic, Business Succession Planning

  • Organizational Restructuring, Management Reporting Systems (CRM)

  • Operational Strategy, Process Improvement Plan, Productivity and Incentives

  • KPIs, SLAs, Operational Flow and Efficiency

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Strategic Partnerships, Networking, Targeted Acquisition

  • Pricing Strategy, Project Planning, Team Cadence

  • Cash Flow Forecasting, Budget Planning

  • Financial Review and ROI Assessment

  • M&A due diligence and Post acquisition integration

  • Domestic and International Sales Strategy

When a company makes their shares public, the investor has an exit strategy available to them.

  • Reverse Merger into an already public vehicle including due diligence

  • Public Planning and Investor Base Strategy

  • Market Analysis

  • S-1, SPAC, IPO, REG-A

  • Corporate Filings

  • PPM and Initial Raise

  • Investor outreach

  • Investment Banking, Underwriting, Market Maker Resources

Going Public

Best Kept Secret of Wallstreet, “Going public” means a private company is offering its stock for sale to the public for the first time. Also called an “initial public offering (IPO),” how to take a company public involves bringing in an investment bank to underwrite the company and assume the risk of the sale, as well as a law firm to take care of the public disclosures. This is only the beginning, everyone understands the end result however, finding a consulting firm to get you there is a rarity. LCG executives have been taking companies through the journey to go public for decades.

The benefits of a publicly traded company are simple: The Company’s valuation can be increased based on market sustainability. The Company is also better positioned to raise capital and support organizational growth initiatives.

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Communications (IR/PR)

The success of any organization is directly related to the value perceived by key stakeholders. These stakeholders include company employees, potential customers, community, government organizations, general public, the media, shareholders, investors, and the financial resource community. LCG has a uniquely proprietary organic approach to conventional investor and public relations.

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