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Communication and Public Relations

Every business has a story behind it and our job is to make it as compelling and effective as possible. From press release writing and distribution to social media management, we’ll make sure you have a story that keeps your target audience always engaged.

We recognize that investors are a specialized group of stakeholders with unique communication needs and our public relations services are designed to deepen the understanding of your company and introduce others to your story.

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We offer carefully crafted messaging and reliable annual reporting

In addition to helping raise awareness of your business, our public relations outreach programs also reinforce the investment potential of your stock.

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Setting Expectations

It is critical to set and then exceed expectations, and collectively, LCG and our clients work tirelessly to manage those expectations on an ongoing basis. We accomplish this by combining the disciplines of communication and finance.

LCG commits its time, effort, and resources towards properly "scrubbing" and vetting-out our qualified lead lists in order to identify the audience that needs to hear your story. 

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The Right Audience

Everyone loves sharing a compelling story with an audience. But for small-cap companies who must be able to account for every dollar spent on IR, PR and other marketing efforts, sharing your compelling story with the right audience is crucial. Time and effort cannot be wasted on attempting to gain interest from an audience that has little-to-no interest in your business vertical or general business plan. 

We do all the leg work to find and qualify investors before we take your time to make direct introductions

LCG PR Disciplines



Developing a corporate image for our clients


Setting Expectations

Creating a strategy to convey these expectations to "The Street"


Target Audience

Selecting and refining a target audience hand-picked for your business



Analysts, fund managers, investment professionals and accredited investors



Providing consistency with respect to our clients’ future growth and forecasts



Providing actionable feedback to our clients

Specialty Communication

LCG offers Specialty Communication tailored to the most effective communication strategies to your intended audience. We specialize in areas such as:

Hypercritical Events Communications

Throughout a company’s lifecycle they tend to experience hypergrowth which in some instance may force them to deal with dynamic events that must be handled swiftly, carefully and professionally. For example: Mergers & Acquisitions, senior executive turnover, discounted financings, crisis control, company restructuring and brand management in the event of unflattering or negative press.  Ensuring consistency and managing communications during these sensitive time periods is paramount. Our team is specialized in this form of “reactive communication” between the company and its shareholders.

Investor Communications Collateral

We assist in the creation of your corporate communication and investor outreach. This type of outreach is very different from your corporate brand and may include items such as:
• Investor Pitch Deck
• Stock Analysis
• Competitor Analysis
• Comparative Stock Analysis
• Business Strategy and Overview

Targeted Investor Meetings

LCG will setup the introduction calls to key stakeholders and interested investors. We facilitate intimate meetings to create new support for the company and to firm up relationships with existing stakeholders. When first commencing investor outreach, through existing shareholder base we will effectively identify any investor concerns and ensure an appropriate response and outreach from the company. LCG will also identify new leads that will result in hosting investor group calls or on-on-ones.  
We coordinate meeting times, vet out the prospective investor or group and provide the client background information and approach strategies for the introduction.

Investor Road Shows, Conferences, and Annual Shareholder Meetings

Road Shows and investor conferences are an excellent method for interacting with a solid audience of active market participants and investment industry professionals. We utilize both company-specific presentations and multi-company conferences in order to reach diverse audiences. LCG helps with client presentation preparation while providing event awareness to effectively draw attendance from qualified parties. Diligent preparation of client investor presentations and materials helps to draw immediate investment interest and gives audiences concise and memorable takeaways. Many of these events provide enhanced opportunities for one-on-one meetings. 

Telephone Campaign

We have created a unique telephone outreach program through which we regularly effectively communicate our client’s investment opportunity to market participants at all levels, on a large scale.
Introductory phone calls and follow-up calls from our knowledgeable individuals build strong and lasting exposure from new and existing shareholders. This proprietary outreach platform taps into our extensive database and facilitates both high-quality and high-quantity communications to maximize results. We have an active database of tens of thousands of brokers, money managers, investment advisors and other investors that we use that to increase exposure for our clients.

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